Meet Tony Horwood, part-time football hooligan and full-time man's man; who, through a twist of fate, finds himself sentenced by a left-wing judge to an academic year at an elite finishing school. But, this isn't just any school, this is the 'School for Future Queens of England'. An elite academy where the world's homosexuals enrol to perfect their skills.

Join Tony in this no-holds barred novel as he forges unlikely friendships, investigates the mystery of The Phantom, competes in the hockey league and meets the woman of his dreams.

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Will Tony start to empathise with his fellow students and change his ways or will his ingrained homophobia be too much for him to overcome?

Can he win the heart, mind and body of the unobtainable Louise?

How will he cope as he wrestles with the internal conflict between hatred and humanism?

Enrol now at the School for Future Queens of England to find out!

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